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At some stage of your life, you may find yourself with the daunting task of cleaning out and sorting a loved one’s estate after their passing, or yourself having to downsize and relocate to a smaller home or assisted care. Not only is this an extremely emotional and stressful situation, but for most people it is completely unknown. Where to start, who to contact, what to keep?

With utmost respect for the person’s home containing a lifetime of treasured memories and possessions, we are here to offer a range of services to make this as easy as possible.

After an initial, compassionate and understanding personal consultation we customise a plan as large or small as you require. You may wish to handle the whole process and just need a checklist. You may not have the time or energy to sort any part of the organising and need it to be taken care of professionally. Or you may be somewhere in between the two. Either way, we will be here to assist and advise as much as you need.

Our goal as always, is to assist in relieving the anxiety and pressure of a potentially stressful, difficult and probably overwhelming set of tasks. We understand that many of you may be in a situation which you don’t want to be in, so rest assured that we genuinely care, and are honest, reliable, professional and compassionate.


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Downsizing or moving into care?

Deceased Estate

Respectful clearance of a loved ones possessions

Property Preparation

Thinking of selling, renovating, or leasing?

Family Pet Care Plan

Catering for your pawed friend in a time of need


Our Simple 4 Step Process

1. CONTACT US: (whichever way you prefer): email, text or phone to organise an initial consultation

2. WE COME TO YOU: Our friendly, experienced staff will come to you at a suitable time, usually at the home requiring assistance, or meet at a place where you feel more comfortable, if preferred. (Please note: we are also able to assist if you are unable to meet in person).
We will compassionately listen to your needs and determine how we can assist you.

3. TAILOR A PLAN: We then go back to our office to create an advice plan with suggestions for as many or as few services as you may require.

4. REVIEW THE PLAN: We will again come to you at a suitable time, to give you your tailored advice plan/checklist, and also to check that you are coping at this difficult time. 

For some, this is all the assistance they need, yet many people require most matters (or all) taken care of. You may even find halfway through the sorting process, that you have had enough, or it is taking a toll on your health. If this is the case, we are happy to organise some or even all processes if you require.

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