Get The Answers You Need

How long does the process take?

Once we create a tailored plan for you, it's up to you how much or how little you would like us to then take care of. Therefore the length of time varies depending on your requirements. Whilst being respectful of another person's lifetime of possessions and memories, we work efficiently to complete the process in a timely manner and understand the need for timeframes to be met.

How much do you charge?

We create a customised plan for you, and you then decide how much or how little of our services you require from us. Therefore the price is dependent on the number of services and time needed to complete. We work conscientiously and professionally to get all matters sorted as quickly as possible for you.

I'm emotionally stressed, do I need to attend the property?

We totally understand this may be too difficult or overwhelming. We will do whatever we can to assist and some available options are: video calls, emailing us a written list with as many specific requirements as you need, nominating a third party for us to liaise with, and we can prepare a comprehensive photographic inventory of all items at the property.

I'm interstate or overseas, can you still help me?

Absolutely, we are happy to correspond by whichever method works best for you during this trying time. Video calls, phone calls, emails and third party liaising are all alternatives we are able to use.

What can you do with my belongings?

We can compile a comprehensive inventory of all items, and liaise with you to distribute your belongings as per your request. There is no such thing as too many or too few locations we can deliver to. For example: a van load to a charity house or a photo posted to a beneficiary, appraisals of items by a licensed dealer, sale of goods to name a few.

Can you prepare the property for bond return?

Yes we can, including organising bond cleaners and gardeners. We personally attend the property and take photos to ensure the job has been done to the best standard, and return the keys to Property Managers if required. We can also organise rubbish removal to the tip, and removal of all items on the property as per your instructions.

Can you prepare the property for sale or to lease out?

We are happy to assist in preparing the property. This can include minor repairs, gardening, painting, tiling and liaising with tradespeople for larger jobs. We also offer budget decorating, which involves adding some items to the home (such as plants, rugs, wall decor and some furniture) to improve the look and feel. It's amazing how much the sell or rental price can increase with a clean, updated look.

Should I have a Family Pet Care Plan?

We recommend this to anyone who has a pet they love dearly. Should circumstances arise where you are no longer able to care for your pet, this plan contains comprehensive information for the Guardian you nominate. Everything from medical details, food preferences and most importantly all your pet's favourite things, whether it be their blanket, feeding times, snuggle times, likes and dislikes to name a few.